Greater Springfield Region

Come to Greater Springfield and discover what our 280,000 residents call home: a region filled with the blessings of life, community, culture, economic health and the joy of living well.

The region's hub - the city of Springfield - is the fourth largest city in New England and offers a booming economy with more affordable pricing and rural feel than its big city neighbors, making it a perfect destination for businesses or individuals.  With a long history in manufacturing and growing education and health care industries, the city's economy is strong. A variety of attractions and entertainment options keep locals happy and attract many visitors who contribute to the thriving tourism industry. A prime location, educated workforce and low operating costs make the greater Springfield region idea for any business.

Located at the "crossroads of New England," with easy access to the north-south Interstate 91 and east-west Interstate 90, Springfield is at the geographical center with easy access to the rest of the region and to major airports, rail service and interstate highways adding to the ease of moving products and attracting commuters without the added expense of other major metropolitan areas.

In total, more than 5,500 businesses have chosen to call greater Springfield home.  These businesses, which employ more than 61,000 workers, span a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail and more. 

The area’s location inside the Knowledge Corridor, among the highest concentrations of colleges and universities in the country, ensures an educated workforce to support the region's businesses.  With nearly 30 world-renowned higher educational institutions and over 150,000 students, the workforce is plentiful to fill a multitude of jobs.

A diverse variety of recreational and cultural options keep and attract its workforce and have helped build a tourism industry that contributes approximately $662 million annually to the region.

Springfield and its surrounding communities are affordable sites for both businesses and employees to locate. The cost of living in the region is nearly 50 percent less than nearby major metropolitan centers like Boston or New York. Real estate costs are low for both single-family homes - just below the national average - and for industrial and business sites.

Many of the municipalities provide pre-permitting sites and offer tax incentives for locating here, and significant investments in local infrastructure and broadband expansion provide for a business-friendly environment. Since housing and the cost of living are lower in the region than other cities, this adds to the total cost savings for any business looking to locate or expand here.