Legislative Frequently Asked Questions

The Chamber works closely with elected officials on local, state and national levels. Elected officials want and need to hear from you, their voting constituents.

Q: How do I contact my legislative officials?

A: Very simply. You can contact them by mail, fax or email. For our Massachusetts officials, you can contact them at the Statehouse. For our Congressional delegation, State Senators or State Representatives, you can contact them at their office within the Statehouse or at their district office.

Q: What types of issues do they want to hear on?

A: Everything that pertains to your business! Your elected officials want and need to hear your voice! You are their constituents. How would they know what issues are important to you and your industry if you do not share that information with them?

Q: Any tips I should remember?

A: When you write to officials, try to be specific. Refer to the bill number if possible, and briefly describe the legislation's impact on your business.

Remember, there are 10,000 bills filed each year. Your letter should be as concise as possible.

Q: How should I address the mail?

A: When sending mail to our state officials, you should always address the piece using this format:

Official Title of the Person You Are Addressing (Name)
State House, Room ________
Boston, MA 02133

And don't forget to begin your letter with Dear Title and Name

Q: What if I want to fax my legislators?

A: That's easy, as well!

The State Senate's general fax line is (617) 722-1007.
The State House of Representatives' general fax line is (617) 722-2897.

And don't forget to include the legislator's name!

Q: What if I want to email my legislators?

A: All state legislators have the capability of accepting email; however, State Senators and State Representatives have different email addresses so make sure you are using the correct format for the specific legislator to ensure your message reaches their computer.

To email a State Senator, address it using the following format:
First initial Lastname@senate.state.ma.us

To email a State Representative, the address must always begin with the word Rep. with the following format:
Rep.Firstname Lastname@hou.state.ma.us

Q: Where can I find more information about my legislators?

A: All Massachusetts legislators are listed on the state's web site and many have their own web pages. For a full listing of members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives can be found at www.state.ma.us/legis.

Q: Where can I get help if I need it?

A: The Chamber works closely with legislative officials on all levels. For assistance in contacting any elected official, call Nancy Creed at (413) 755-1309 or drop her an email.